Gary Hinchman
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Welcome to Gary Here you will learn more about Gary Hinchman than Gary Hinchman knows about Gary Hinchman. Well, at least more than he remembers in detail. He has had the priviledge of leaving his hometown of Huntington, WV for 28 years to live in major cities like Dallas, TX, Cedar Rapids, IA [a major town in Iowa], Las Vegas, NV, and Atlanta, GA.

Gary also has enjoyed Europe and is very thankful to have left the "hollers" of West "by God" Virginny before returning here to help his elderly parents. He is an only child. So he was the only child available for the task. But having come back to his home town, he can say that he was blessed to grow up in Huntington, WV. Gary remembers free reign to build forts in ravines and treehouses in his back yard as well as build rafts for sailing down the Ohio River like Huck Finn on the Mississippi. His adventures were not as exciting but he has had a fairly good life before leaving Appalachia to see the world "out there."

Marshall University is his undergraduate alma mater and the center of southern West Virginia medical practices and college football.

web development

Gary learned HTML when he began teaching software in 1995, Atlanta, GA teaching the world wide web and other internet classes for major corporations in the Atlanta area. He taught everything from Microsoft Office products to Wordperfect to Pagemaker to Macromedia Authorware. Gary had the privilege of designing web sites in Atlanta for a while with Macromedia and Adobe softwares. He found that after designing a few logos for people he had a knack for graphic design.

graphic design

Gary designs graphics mostly with Adobe Photoshop but once you know the basics and some advanced tricks, you can use a variety of softwares to accomplish your end results, depending upon what you are after. He uses Jasc Paint Shop Pro along with every graphic development tool he can scarf up to make his job easier. Flash formats are the industry standard and he is still mastering Flash. But fortunately, Gary has had a background in video as an instructional designer in Atlanta and video formats using Flash has become common today.

video writer/producer

In Atlanta Gary had the privilege of learning to write, direct and shoot video for television. He began as a set carpenter at Home Depot Corporate where he eventually ran video cameras, edited videos and had the opportunity of developing the Corporate Home Depot video library system [which he is sure is much more developed today than it was then]. This was in 1996 when Atlanta hosted the World Olympics. From this, Gary went on to become a technical writer and instructional developer working in Authorware development of training products.

instructional designer

Working as a technical writer for stand up training materials at the corporate headquarters of United Postal Servises, Gary had the opportunity to create PowerPoint training materials and write stand up training scripts for use at all UPS stand up training centers.

He was a technical writer/developer for corporate instructional design in Atlanta. Working with Subject Matter Experts from GTE, his team would fly out to Dallas, TX where he would shoot industrial videos of scripts he had written, interview SME's about the corporate training methods and content of GTE and then tranfer their 20 years of stand up training materials into an online delivery format for the internet which they would combine with their stand up materials for company new hires.

Gary also worked at the IBM Knowledge Factory in Atlanta with a team creating an online training package for dealing with supply line economics in a corporate enterprise.

He enjoys creating e-learning materials from soup to nuts using all the standard instructional design tools available today. The instructional design industry has changed since working in the corporate world in the early 2000s. New softwares are being used. Some are easy. Others, using MySQL and Apache database systems are more complex.

Gary understands the basics of ID like the ADDIE model and tries to keep up with the industry as best he can. Frankly, he enjoys creating train the trainer materials from a variety of angles. When COX Enterprises had Gary create a train the trainer piece to teach their new product created with RoboHelp, he delighted in creating the training piece with Authorware at the time. Since then, the names and popularity of softwares have changed to ToolBook and others. But the goal to make creative educational frameworks goes on.

christian education

Gary has a Th.M. in New Testament Literature and Exegesis from Dallas Theological Seminary. Because he loves teaching, every facet of teaching the Bible is of interest to him. Applying his instructional design skills to education is a joy. Having developed a Life Coaching model based upon Four Levels of Christian Maturity and Seven Life Relationships, Gary enjoys coaching others in a healthy lifestyle. He has pastored churches and worked with the homeless as a Head Chaplain in a homeless shelter. Gary has counseled alcoholics, drug addicts, broken families, and many other kinds of "street people." Helping others think through what they believe and why they believe it is exciting.

Gary Hinchman