Gary Hinchman
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I like creating graphics that are unique, clever and yet fit the customer's persona. Custom concepts can come from the customer or from me. Collaboration is what makes a great graphic design or lay out. The goal is to use the best graphic tools available without being gaudy or too simplistic. I like to use the phrase "simple elegance" as a target look. If the concept calls for "gaudy" or "simplistic" then that is okay. But a crisp professional look that fits the context and purpose of the event, the company, the theme, or the topic of focus is what I am after.
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The Mentors Foundation - 166 x 66 .png


Link Up Ministries


IFACE Ministries


Sanctuary of Grace

Special Event Posters and/or Slide Presentations

Custom Graphics

I create custom graphics for logos, schools, business, church, posters, special events, etc..